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A week before he's to be married, Tony plans to spend one last weekend with Mack, the single father who raised him more like a brother. 


When Tony's pregnant teenage mother was a victim of a high school shooting, the then-16 year-old Mack devoted his life to his son. 


But their off-road camping trip becomes a terrifying nightmare: a sudden storm, an overturned jeep, Tony pinned in a rising river bed.


What's a father to do, in the middle of nowhere, without cell phone service?


Mack has to run for help in a race against time.  Finding Lucas, who also is on the run, Mack goes against his own morals, in order to force this bitter young man into saving the life of a stranger.



Cheers meets Field of Dreams in this contemporary drama/fantasy. David Chokachi (Baywatch) is Dog, the owner of an extraordinary New York dive bar called The Dog House. Alongside him are his sons, Jess (upcoming star Aaron Fors) and Mo (Adam Jacobs, Broadway's original Aladdin), their mother Mary (Yancy Butler, Witchblade), and brooding playwright Simon (Parker Stevenson, The Umbrella Academy).


They all have special – one could even say biblical – powers, and when three strangers enter the bar at closing time, this special family helps guide them through their troubled pasts to bring them to spiritual and mental peace.



Adam Jacobs was the original "Aladdin" in Disney's smash Broadway musical, with a list of other hits like Les Miserables and Something Rotten, but this docu-concert – filmed as a special one-night-only performance – explores his emotional personal journey, from growing up as a Filipino American in California to landing the role of a lifetime.



As Long As I'm Famous is a nostalgic and revealing journey through Broadway's and Hollywood's Golden Age in 1948.

Famed movie director Sidney Lumet started as a apprentice to Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning playwright Joshua Logan (South Pacific, Mister Roberts, Bus Stop). Only twenty-four during the summer he "saw stars", Sid rubs elbows with luminaries and legends, including composer Richard Rodgers, ex-boxing champ Gene Tunney, aging silent screen star Theda Bara, and most noteworthy, Hollywood icon Montgomery Clift.

It's this secret and forbidden love story that's at the center of As Long As I'm Famous. Clift, a free-spirited lover of life and passion, draws Sid into untapped feelings for a man, while he tries to maintain a relationship with "Hannah", a blind woman who unintentionally opens the Pandora's box.

As Long As I'm Famous depicts, in historic detail, the lives of the rich and successful, but also delves deeper in the private relationships that were kept secret, without social media and the paparazzi revealing them to the public.

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