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Guardian Gabe

In Development


Queer Eye meets Quantum Leap & Touched by an Angel


This is a pilot inspired by the character of "Gabriel" in Last Call in the Dog House, introduced in that film as a gay man struggling with a physical disability after a rock-climbing accident.


In the pilot of this series, writer Bruce Reisman re-introduces Gabe with a new back story: being recruited by "Dog" (played by Baywatch alumnus David Chokachi, recreating his role) to bring Gabriel back to life in more ways than one.


He will give Gabe his "wings" to venture out into the world to save the souls of those in need.  In each hour-long episode, Gabe will be "leaping" from era to era, modern to historical, as a spirit guide to those who need him.  Although Gabe is gay, he will not only assist those struggling with their identities in the LGBTQ community, but all others trying to resolve their own troubles with the help of God and a few of his friends.

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