In Dog We Trust

In Early Production

Actors Julian Curtis (who played the role of "Eli" in Last Call in the Dog House) and Lycan Scott, whose character "Gabe" also appeared in Bruce Reisman's original story, recreated those characters for this second scene – an experiment to explore shooting an entire movie with a SteadiCam – shot in the fall of 2021.


Writer/director Reisman assembled a top notch crew, led by his co-director, Nick Serabyn.  It's a first for the show-biz veteran, sharing a directing credit; but his shooting concept for the movie required utilizing Serabyn, known as one of the best in the business, to stage and shoot the picture, while Reisman concentrated on the script and rehearsing with the actors a week prior to the shoot.


An incomparable, hand-picked crew, led by on-set producer Lauren Beck, met the challenge of shooting 11 pages in one day, finishing on time.


Bruce Reisman

Nick Serabyn


Bruce Reisman

Chris Harvey

Lauren Beck


Lycan Scott

Julian Curtis

Director of Photography

Martin Taube


Jose Castro

First AC

Joey Sperber

Camera Department

Jacob Lalles

Mitch Storey

Noah Fassallato